Off Ball Lax Team


When talking about any sport. A majority of the material you find online deals specifically with what you do when you have the ball.  Shooting, passing, dodging, all of these have been covered in tremendous detail from numerous sources. With this blog I will emphasize what happens during the remaining 90%+ of the game and more. What happens before you get on the field? What are coaches to be doing?

There are things to think about.  There are things to do.   You may be on the field and you need to make sure you are making your presence felt.  You may be on the sideline recovering and/or ready to advise your teammate from your vantage point.  Or you may be the coach. You need to be collecting your thoughts and clearly communicating to your team what you see and what they need to know moving forward.  I hope to take the perspective from many angles to help the TEAM be all they can be.

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