TryLax – The right start to your child’s lacrosse journey

TryLax - What is it?

I’m ready and so excited for a new opportunity this weekend.  I’ll be taking my kids to and coaching at my first TryLax experience.  If you aren’t sure what that is you need to check out the link attached.

US Lacrosse promotes it as:

TryLax™ is an exciting, effective way for programs to recruit new players into the sport and their organization. This grant is for US Lacrosse Member Organizations that want to introduce lacrosse to boys and girls, ages 6-14, for the first time. This opens an affordable path for parents to allow their children to discover if they enjoy lacrosse before paying the full registration fee for a program or season. Awarded organizations will receive the necessary resources to provide a safe and fun introductory lacrosse experience.

Here is promotional material that was put together for another location:

TryLax - Great introduction for new players

Anything new can look intimidating from the outside and things like TryLax seem to be breaking down that barrier.  I love this concept.  For a minimum fee, the participants  get a great deal on a stick and Swax Lax ball.  The kids get to run around for 90 mins learning all about lacrosse.  The “practice” looks like a structured time designed to have the kids learn and have a blast.  I can’t wait to be out there with the young ones just having a blast playing the game I love.  I’m very excited to share my passion with some new potential players and maybe we’ll get some more sign ups in the spring!  I’ll catch up with you next week after my experience for a review on TryLax.

How do I get signed up to coach this Trylax event?

Hawaii and Lacrosse sounds like a combo too good to be true.

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