Lacrosse Gear that I Love

Lacrosse gear that I have used over the past 15+ years as a lacrosse coach.  Some of the lacrosse gear is recommended for coaches and some of the lacrosse gear is focused more for the individual lacrosse player. 

Lacrosse Coach Basics

Fox 40 Whistle

  • Great Sound
  • Comfortable design

50 Pack Disc Cones

  • Multicolor allows for different actions
  • Self contained

Dry Erase Lacrosse Coaches Board

  • Large for team huddle
  • Dry erase works well

Hot Hands Bulk Pack

  • Fits in pockets, gloves, shoes, almost anywhere
  • Trust me, its worth it

Lacrosse Team Needs

Shooting Targets

  • Durable construction
  • Promotes accuracy and limits shots on goalie

Radar Gun

  • Easy to use
  • Durable enough for use

Bucket of Tennis Balls

  • Sturdy container for transit and storage
  • Great for shooting on goalies and soft hands catching

Lacrosse Balls

  • Great for storing up to 60+ balls
  • Durable enough for a couple years

DIY Lacrosse Stick Kit

Best Build your own container

Extra Lacrosse Butt End Caps

Sidewall Spoll - Reel

Extra Lacrosse Shooting String

Replacement Lacrosse Screw Heads

Extra Mesh Pieces

Lacrosse Tape - 3 Pack

MultiTool - 14 in 1

Lacrosse Player Training Aids

EZ Goal Rebounder

  • Great when you don't have a wall accessible
  • Foldable for storage

Agility Ladder

  • Perfect for every player to build footwork
  • View videos online for ideas

Swax Lax Ball

  • No bounce but similar to lacrosse ball
  • Still works with rebounders

Shoot n Scoop Trainer

  • Great for younger kids
  • Focus on accuracy and ground balls

Lacrosse Coach Book Recommendations

Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition

Carl Runk's
Coaching Lacrosse

Extreme Ownership

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