Lacrosse Hacks

Check out the below projects to find simple ways you can get better at lacrosse without having to spend a lot of money.

Lacrosse Coach Dry Erase Board with Golf Towel

Lacrosse Dry Erase Board Eraser

Dry erase boards are great until you have to erase them. This hack takes a simple golf towel and transforms your coaching board.

DIY Lacrosse
Sideline Kit

Simple organization of stuff you already have so you are prepared for whatever may happen in the course of that game, practice, whatever!

Lacrosse shooting target

Under $2 DIY
Shooting Target

Teach yourself or your players to aim small and miss small with this simple to make shooting target.

Weighted Lacrosse Stick

DIY Weighted
Lacrosse Stick

With a quick trip to the hardware store you can make a weighted lacrosse stick to help warm up or work on strength while building muscle memory at the same time.

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