Lacrosse Hacks - DIY Shooting Target

Lacrosse shooting target


  • Knife
  • Screwdriver (can help pull bungee thru ball)


Lacrosse DIY Difficulty

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This project requires minimal skill.  Cutting the tennis is the only part that requires some skill and care.  

Step by Step Instructions - Lacrosse shooting target

Cut tennis ball for DIY lacrosse goal target

Find a clear surface of the tennis ball and cut a large enough area to fit the larger end of your bungee in.  I cut about a 1.5″ line in mine to be able to fit the bungee.  Please be careful with the knife and the tennis ball.  It may take a little force based on your quality of ball and you don’t want to lose a digit here.

Cut tennis ball for DIY lacrosse goal target

On the complete opposite side of the last cut, make smaller cut that would allow just the bungee cord to come through.  Don’t make it large enough the bungee’s think end to make it.  Again please be careful with the knife.

Inserting bungee into DIY lacrosse goal targetNow you insert the smaller end into the ball via the large slit you created.  You will now pull the bungee through the ball so that your large end of the bungee is inside the ball and unable to come out the other side (the one with the small slit).

Just like that you have tennis ball bungee cord that can be wrapped around any pipe, fence, etc., to become the low cost target you were looking for.

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