Halloween Lacrosse

Halloween Lacrosse – lacrosse costume ideas and scrimmages

As we talked in our last post, October is about fun and getting the stick in as many hands and as many times as possible.  One of my favorite ideas (although I failed to execute) is a lacrosse game dressed in halloween costumes.  What a great way to encourage the kids to have fun, but at the same time get better at the sport.  I love this highlight reel from McDonogh showing the players producing in costume.

Halloween Lacrosse Ideas - Costume Ideas

In case you are on the lookout for some other ideas.  Here are some of my favorite lacrosse slang terms in costume form.  Warning: Some may or may not be suitable for scrimmage day use.

Seems simple enough harkening back to the famous movie.  And may be a costume your friends outside lacrosse would get.

Get your gear on and add some bandages/sling/crutches

One of my all time favorite activities was to lurk around the crease after everyone else did all the work, but why not amending this concept into a costume.

The excuse of every lacrosse player

Simple in concept but maybe a little too large in scale.

Make sure your friends follow you and yell “No RAKING!”

Instead of making those D-fence signs that people carry to football games, why not make a rusty gate?

Weird but could be done.  Basketball fans can join on this one.

To pay homage to those friends who just don’t get it.

Let’s be honest, its halloween and this guy can be one of the scariest opponents for our friends on the field.

I’m noticing a theme here, defense gets most of the fun lingo.

This one could get so creative.

Halloween Lacrosse Ideas - simple edition

Or if you are just looking for some quick Halloween lacrosse apparel.

What would be your Halloween lacrosse themed costume?

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