Gameday – Colorful Tip for the Statbook

Stats are only as good as there accuracy. You can and should review and make decisions based on information you find in the stats. But what if I told you, there’s a better way.

I wish I could remember which manager came up with this, but one season my managers brought four colored pens to the game. I was really confused and was hoping not to see pink in the scorebook. But at the end of the game I was shocked and amazed what happened.

They had used a different color for each quarter. This made it very easy to see stats by quarter, not something easily done before. I could see trends over the course of the game with a simple glance. I could now see when players and the team were peaking with ground balls, goals, assists. I could quickly look back and see which quarters our competitors were winning.

Such a simple trick, but the payoff was tremendous.

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