DIY Lacrosse Sideline kit

We need to take a lesson from the Boy Scouts here and always be prepared.  You never know what might break during practices or games.  But with a little organization of a lot of stuff you may already have, you will be ready to tackle the most common issues.  If I walk through my garage and lacrosse storage I find I’ve already accumulated a ton of things over the years.  One day I realized that this stuff has no value sitting in storage and so I wondered how do I get it on the sideline with me.  And with that, the DIY Lacrosse Sideline Kit was born.

What's inside?

Every Lacrosse Coach and Lacrosse Player has different needs.  This kit is perfect as it isn’t meant to be a one size fits all.  Sure there are some basics that works for everyone, but beyond that get creative.  Put whatever works best for you or whatever you have accessible to you.  I would say the number one thing that applies to everyone is the case.  Get a case that you can customize, and from there build as you want.  I will give my recommendations below:

Stick Materials

  • Sidewall Spool
  • Mesh
  • Leathers
  • Shooting laces
  • Scissors / Knife
  • Lighter
  • Butt End Caps
  • Ball Stop Pads
  • Screws for Lacrosse Heads
DIY Lacrosse Sideline Kit

Other Items

  • Screwdriver
  • Multi-tool
  • Plyers
  • Extra Pens for Scorebook
  • Dry Erase Markers / Sharpies
  • Bungees / Zip Ties
  • Tape

DIY Lacrosse Sideline Kit

Best Build your own container

Extra Lacrosse Butt End Caps

Sidewall Spoll - Reel

Extra Lacrosse Shooting String

Replacement Lacrosse Screw Heads

Extra Mesh Pieces

Lacrosse Tape - 3 Pack

MultiTool - 14 in 1

Lacrosse Goal Bungees

Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Extra Dry Erase Markers

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