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Welcome to Off Ball Lax where we provide another perspective on coaching lacrosse. After 20+ years of being around the best sport in the world, I want to share tips and tricks about coaching lacrosse from my experiences. Lacrosse players can also learn from the content as you see the game from a lacrosse coaches viewpoint. Lacrosse parents and lacrosse fans get a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Visit the Off Ball Lax blog below to gain insight and feel free to reach out with any thoughts, comments, suggestions.

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I’ve had the privilege to coach high school boys lacrosse for over 15 years.  During that time I learned a lot of lessons, experienced a number of highs and lows, and accumulated a lot of great coaching tips and tricks.  Explore this blog with me as I provide a different perspective for new coaches, seasoned coaches, players, parents, and fans. 

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